Sunday, 17 June 2007

After a wonderful day cycling we stayed at Ardhasaig House near Tarbert

View from my bedroom window.


A view of where a Whaling Station was located at a square brick chimney located close to the shoreline. This is pretty much all that remains of the Bunabhainneadar whaling station. Whaling has no place in the modern world, but there is no denying its fascination in a historical context. The whaling station was established by a Norwegian company in 1904. A fleet of 90ft whaling vessels operated from here each summer and autumn, catching whales as far afield as Rockall and St Kilda. Whales were harpooned and, once dead, inflated with compressed air to keep them afloat, then towed by the whalers back to Bunabhainneadar for processing, primarily into cattle feed and fertilizer.

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